Developing Manners

November 17-The completion of the first quarter of the new school year is highlighted by Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to teach the children about being thankful and to appreciate the blessings in their lives.

 The Key Club sponsored by Ellen Zamboni, School Counselor at the Arthur L. Johnson High School presented to the children of Clark Preschool a unit on Manners. The Key Club sponsored by Kiwanis International has a main objective to assist in carrying out their mission to serve the children of the world. The high school students provided hands-on service to teach and reinforce manners, an important part of social skills at the preschool level.

The High school students decorated a Thanksgiving table with stylish flair and performed a skit on table manners. Following the skit the students invited the children to practice table manners they exemplified through return demonstration requiring feedback from the children. They ended their presentation by singing a song about manners titled, “Please and Thank You,” to the tune of Frere Jacques together reinforcing the unit content. The Key Club students kept the children riveted on key messages and the activities provided multiple ways to absorb the concepts providing maximum impact.   At the preschool level, manners are an important part of social skills. Children who develop manners at a young age will carry them without thought into adulthood.

October 31 - the Clark Preschool held their 7th Annual Halloween Parade ad pageant today @ 9:15am.  The children were decked out in some of the scariest, most inventive and hilarious costumes..  It was a SPOOKTACULAR event for family and friends!  See attached photos