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The NJ State Recommended Creative Curriculum is used as the foundation for the Clark Preschool program. It stresses:
1)  Social/emotional development in areas of sense of self responsibility of self and others, and pro-social behavior,
2) Physical development of gross and fine motor,
3) Cognitive development of learning and problem solving, logical thinking and representation and symbolic thinking, and lastly,
4) Language development including listening and speaking, reading and writing.
A nutrition and hygiene/hand washing curriculum has been introduced into the daily activities by the Nurse and our 4 year old students are supplemented with more focused paper/pencil activities to ready them for Kindergarten. Not only does the teaching staff focus on seasonal units and holidays but also on fire prevention, 
nocturnal animals, sharing and giving, friendship/MLK, dental health, arctic animals, five senses, Read Across America, Spring awakening with lifecycle insects, community helpers, baby animals, and eco studies/pond/ocean life.  

The Clark Preschool consists of four classes of 3-5 year olds.  The Multiply Disabled services students with disabilities such as autism where an Applied Behavior Analysis program is utilized.  The Preschool Disabled class services students identified with language, developmental, and behavioral delays.  Our two regular education classes also function as inclusion opportunities when evaluative staff deem the students ready to participate.   The children may begin with only 10 minutes a day and work towards full inclusion with the necessary supports.  A school-wide behavior program has been put in place and positive behaviors have  been increased.  All the classes run on a 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. full day schedule with a 30 minute student lunch provided.  The MD class dismisses at 12 noon on Friday for training purposes.  Some students attend for the A.M. session only, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon by parental choice.  Before and aftercare is available.

Therapies include Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy.  A School Social Worker manages the Special Education component of the program and a Behaviorist offers training on Friday afternoons to the staff of the MD class and support to the other teaching staff.  A Preschool Intervention Referral Team (PIRT) meets on any student whose needs appear not to be met by regular education programming. Two teacher assistants support each regular education preschool class and Physical Education is offered daily for every student.  Paraprofessionals are assigned via particular student needs identified in the IEP in both Special Education classes and a classroom paraprofessional assists in the PSD class.  A secretary, half-day Physical Education teacher and full time School Nurse round out the program staff.  This amount of staff has effectively created an extremely manageable student/adult ratio. 

The Preschoolers attend field trips; to the musical,  the Rainbow Fish,  and the Public Library.  Arthur L. Johnson high school students from the Key Club and Crusader Athletic Leadership Council bring activities to the preschool such as puppet shows,  assisting with Halloween Pararde, field day, Read Across America and celebrating Autism Awareness Day.  UNICO also visits for Pizza making day and Valentine's Day is celebrated with the seniors.  Work study students in Education are also placed at the Preschool Program. Integrating the Preschool with the community is our goal.

The Clark Preschool provides a caring, nurturing learning foundation for our students to gain social, emotional and academic skills to succeed in Kindergarten.

Submitted by
Lori Kowalski
Supervisor of Preschool and School Nurse

Calendar of Events in May & June

June 1 - Field Day  - 9:30am Large Gymnasium

June 7- ALJ Girls Gymnastic Team Presentation - 9:15am
Pictured from left to right; Ashley Tenpenny, Lindsey Becker, Lauren DeMille, Gina Ferdinandi, Angela Pieros, Brianna Ferdinandi.
The Arthur L. Johnson gymnastic team visited the Preschool for a brief presentation in the gymnasium.  During the fall 2015 season, the Gymnastic Team had an outstanding year finishing 4th in the Union County Tournament and as a team qualified for the State Sectionals.  Individually, Gina Ferdinandi qualified for the State Sectionals in all four events and in the All-Around Event.  The team’s presentation coincided with the Phys. Ed. unit this month, “Introduction to Gymnastics.”  Throughout the month, Ashley Tenpenny, the PE teacher, incorporated warm-up, stretching, tumbling, jumping, and balance to strengthen legs improve cardiovascular endurance and balance. Children benefit from an active lifestyle and participating in sports.  Taking part in any exercise activities significantly reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in adulthood. Organized sports provide a chance for children to increase their activity and develop socially and physically. Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle programs available to children incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline.  Participation in gymnastics helps children become physically active and stay fit and healthy. 
The Head Coach Brianna Ferdinandi, and the ALJ Gymnastic Team demonstrated gymnastic movements on the mats, including; hand stand walk, cartwheels, front walk overs, round offs, round off backhand spring back tucks, and back walkovers. The children were intrigued with the gymnast movements and applauded their performance.

Special thanks to Brianna Ferdinandi and Ashley Tenpenny who organized, set and cleaned up the special event. 
June 8 - Key Club Presentation, "Stranger Danger," 9:30am
The Key Club sponsored by Ellen Zamboni, School Counselor at the Arthur L. Johnson High School presented to the children of Clark Preschool a unit on “Stranger Danger.”  The Key Club sponsored by Kiwanis International has a main objective to assist in carrying out their mission to serve the children of the world.  The high school students provided hands–on-lessons to teach the children about strangers and suspicious behavior to protect them from dangerous strangers. 

The high school students performed a skit depicting the fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood,” demonstrating stranger danger.  The cast included; Danny Laucik, narrator, Katherine Elichko, mother, Gabby Smith, Little Red Riding Hood, Morgana Haub, grandmother, Tyler Moreira, wolf, and Ryan Lakkis, woodsman.  In the tale, Little Red Riding Hood, was initially fooled by the wolf and eventually able to deduct that the grandmother was not at all who she appeared to be at first.
The Key Clubbers talked about strangers and reinforced the unit on stranger danger utilizing some key terms: ”NO, GO, YELL, and TELL,” requiring feedback from the children.  They ended their presentation by involving the preschoolers in return demonstration where several volunteer preschoolers practiced using some short scenarios.  Each child wore proudly home, “I Am Special” medal given by the Key Clubbers. 
The fairy tale is a simple story, which amused the children and produced a valuable lesson of the importance of being careful whom to trust, as well as think critically.   Other popular fairy tales can offer unique learning opportunities such as; Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, and The Three Little Pigs, and can help you and your children uncover other valuable lessons.
Pictured from left to right; Tyler Moreira, Katherine Elichko, Danny Laucik, Ryan Lakkis, Gabby Smith, and Morgana Haub.

June 20-23 - Early Dismissal for Students - 1pm.
                         Please pack a lunch for aftercare students.

June 20 - Preschool Meet & Greet - 2:30-3pm for incoming Preschoolers.

June 21 - End of the Year Celebration & Preschool Graduation  9:30

June 23 - Kindergarten Move-up Day
                All preschool students will be bused with staff to & from the Preschool.


May 13 - Each year we acknowledge those special people in our lives on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Celebrating and honoring our families serves as an important learning experience and opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the many caring adults who are in our lives.  To honor the special people in our lives, the Clark Preschool children invited “one special person” for tea.  Mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles joined their preschooler for morning refreshments.  The children crafted cards and presented them to their special person.   Enclosed in the card was a tea bag with the sentiment, “a cup of tea to say thank you for all the things you’ve done and wishes that today will bring you happiness and fun.”
It was a happy day and the special guests were overflowed with emotion.   It was a time for the children to let the special person in their life that they are loved and always appreciated.

April 27 – The Clark School Districts Speech and Occupational Therapists visited the Preschool classrooms to explain their role in the school for Community Helper Month.

The Speech Therapist, Mrs Harris, presented a unit on the role of the Speech Teacher in a school, specifically teaching; how to talk correctly, how to say words, the use of the mouth and how the teeth help to form sounds.   The children practiced making sounds and following directions crafting a mouth from construction paper with teeth and a tongue. 

The Occupational therapist, Mrs. Baldeon, assisted the children with proper hand placement for cutting with scissors and painting with a paintbrush.  Mrs. Baldeon spoke about her role as the Occupational Therapist in the school, specifically teaching how to make your body and hands stronger, strengthening fine and gross motor skills.

On April 26
, Canine Police Officer O’Grady from the Union County Sheriff’s Office visited the Clark Preschool for Community Helper Month.  Officer O’Grady spoke about his duty on the K-9 Search and Rescue unit with his dogs and his role as a canine officer and handler.  The dogs are trained and bred for their intelligence and strong sense of smell by their handlers. They care for their dogs 24/7, working with them during the day and when off-duty, the canine officer and dog go home together to their family, just like you do!  Their working duties involve bomb investigations and specialized patrol functions servicing the local Police Departments, Prosecutor’s Office, and the County Police within Union County.

Office O’Grady and his dogs kept the children riveted during the presentation and sparked their curiosity with questions at its conclusion.

April 22 – Firefighter, Pat Cabello, a NYPD firefighter visited the Preschool for community helper month for a fire safety presentation. 

 The fire safety presentation and demonstration included; fire prevention, what to do in case of a fire, firefighters as community helpers, firefighter equipment and gear. 

At the end of the presentation, Firefighter Pat welcomed the children to try on his jacket!!

April 20 – The members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council, (C.A.L.C) participated in the Clark School District’s Autism Awareness Day at the Clark Preschool.   The 4th Annual Autism Awareness Event was organized by Kelly Moscarella,  a Preschool Special Education Teacher, and Ashley Tenpenny, the Preschool Physical Education Teacher. 

Today 1 in 88 American children are diagnosed with Autism.  Though symptoms and severity vary with each individual, all autism spectrum disorders affect a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others.  Autism awareness day highlights the growing need, concern and education about autism and issues with the autism community. 

The children participated I numerous events, including; bowling, basketball, ice cream relay, soccer, scooter relay, coloring autism ribbon craft, foam ball toss, obstacle course and parachute.  “All those who participated in the event seemed to have a smile on their face from start to finish.   It was a great day all around!  See attached photos!

On April 13th, the Clark UNICO Chapter members celebrated “UNICO Community Service Month” by assisting the Clark Preschool children in pizza making, followed by a pizza lunch in the Clark Recreation kitchen.   UNICO, the largest Italian-American service organization in the United States, Clark chapter demonstrated pizza making to six individual groups of children.  The children were entranced by the chef’s tossing and spinning the dough in the air.  The pizza dough was then stretched into the pan.  Tomato sauce, spices, mozzarella cheese and toppings were added by the children and baked in the oven.  Everyone enjoyed eating a slice or two of the fresh baked pies.  It was great to see the Unicans working and engaging the young children in this community service event.

April 19 -All the chicks hatched throughout Monday evening.

April 13, 2016: 
To celebrate Spring, The Clark Preschool welcomed Farmer John from Quiver Farm, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania with his chick hatching project.  Farmer John arrived with live rooster, Dion, a hen, Sweet, and all the necessary equipment to take care of the eggs and chicks once they have hatched.  The farmer set up an incubator and presented a short presentation to the children and Mrs. DeAngelis, “The Chief Egg Tender.” 

Dion, the rooster Sweet, the hen

The children learned how to care for the eggs for the rest of the week by checking the temperature, turning the eggs, and keeping the water trough full.  On Friday, the eggs will be turned for the last time, extra water will be added to the trough and left untouched for the weekend.  Sometime on Monday the chicks will start to hatch.  As they dry the children will put the baby chicks in the brooder box as shown in the presentation.  On Friday, the chicks will be picked up and taken back to the farm.  Incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a hands-on-learning experience.  We are all excited for the Quiver Farm project.   Farm education is FUN!  Science caring compassion and responsibility…all curled up in one egg! Check the Clark Preschool website for photos of  the chick hatching project.

Congratulations to the 2015-16
Preschool Educator's of the Year

Valerie LaManna, Teacher
Kristina Novello, Paraprofessional


April Calendar of Events

April 1 - Community Helper Month.  
The children will explore jobs of many community helpers, including: Librarian, Fire Fighter, Farmer, Canine Police Officer, Teacher, Nurse and Pizza Maker.  Parents and guardians are invited to come and tell us about their role as a community helper. Please see Sue Smith in the office to sign up.
April 4 -
The Preschool will "light it up blue" by wearing blue to celebrate Autism Awareness day.
April 13 - UNICO Pizza Day.  
UNICO, the largest Italian-American service organization in the United States, Clark Chapter, will be visiting the preschool to assist the children in pizza making, followed by pizza lunch.
April 13 - Quiver Farm.  
The preschool will welcome Farmer Chris from Quiver Farm, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania with his chick hatching project. Incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a hands-on-learning experience.  Science caring compassion and responsibility...all curled up in one egg! 
April 15 - Mrs. Moscarella & Ms. Megan's Library Field Trip.
 Each preschool class will be walking to and from the Clark Public Library for story time, snack and book borrowing,  This field trip is great way to bring attention to the Library and its amenities for both the children and parents. 
April 22 - Mrs. DeAngelis's Class field trip to the Library
April 26 - Union County Canine Police will be visiting the preschool with their canines to review their role as a canine police officer.  The officer duties involve bomb investigations and specialized patrol functions.  These dogs are trained and bred for their intelligence and strong sense of smell.

Upcoming Events in May
May 6 - Mrs. LaManna's Library Field Trip
May 12 - Field Trip to the Papermill Playhouse for Curious George
May 17- FKH Kindergarten Orientation
May 20 - Valley Road Kindergarten Orientation
TBA - Special Person Tea

Upcoming Events

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