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June 6
- The Key Club sponsored by Ellen Zamboni, School Counselor at Arthur L. Johnson High School presented to the children of Clark Preschool a unit on “Stranger Danger.”  The Key Club sponsored by Kiwanis International has a main objective to assist in carrying out their mission to serve the children of the world.  The high school students provided hands-on lessons to teach the children about strangers and suspicious behavior to protect them from dangerous strangers.  The high school students preformed a skit depicting the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood,” demonstrating stranger danger.  In the tale, little red riding hood was initially fooled by the wolf, and eventually able to deduce that her grandmother was not at all who she appeared to be at first.  The Key Clubbers talked about strangers and reinforced the unit on stranger danger utilizing some key terms: “NO, GO, YELL, and TELL” requiring feedback from the children.  They ended their presentation by involving the preschoolers in a return demonstration, where several volunteer preschoolers practiced using some short scenarios.  Each child wore proudly home “I Am Special” medal given by the Key Clubbers. The fairy tale is a simple story which amused the children and produced a valuable lesson of the importance of being careful whom to trust, as well as to think critically. Other popular fairy tales can offer unique learning opportunities, such as; Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, and The Three Little Pig, and can help you and your children uncover other valuable lessons.

Lori Kowalski, MPH, RN, CSN, Clark Preschool Nurse and Coordinator

May 28, 9:30am, Preschool Field Day in the Gym

Gus Kalikas and the members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council, C.A.L.C., joined the Preschool for their annual Field Day.  Field Day is a morning of fun-filled activities including; Soccer, Limbo, Ring Toss Mini Golf, Obstacle Course, Ice Cream Relay, Basketball, Black Can Throw, Parachute, and Scooter Relay.  The children rotated through the activities from soccer to scooter relay utilizing gross motor skills.  The members of the C.A.L.C were integrated within each station interacting and assisting the students with the activities.  Both the children and student athletes enjoyed the experience and learned a lot while doing it!
A special thank you goes to the parent volunteers and the preschool staff, especially John Mongiello, Physical Education Teacher, who organized, set-up and cleaned-up the successful event, as well as the C.A.L.C. members for all their assistance and helping hands!

(Left to right: Marissa Hampp, Angela Pieros, Gabby Zatko, Gina Ferdinandi, Payton Wiese, Lauren DeMille, Coach Ferdinandi)

On May 21, the Johnson Girls Varsity Gymnastics Team took a trip across the street to the Clark Preschool  for a gymnastics demonstration. Mr. John Mongiello, the P.E teacher at the preschool, is teaching gymnastics to his students this week. Gymnastic Coach Brianna Ferdinandi, para-professional at the preschool, suggested bringing her team in for a short assembly to reinforce Mr. Mongiello's lesson's, as well as, get the youngsters of Clark excited about gymnastics. "There's no activity a young child can participate in better than gymnastics to gain strength and master their basic locomotor skill," said Mr. Mongiello. "It was great to have my team come over and put on a show for the children.  It help's our youth get excited about an awesome sport and it is great to have my team be positive role-models to the youth in our community!" said Coach Ferdinandi.  All-in-all it was a great experience for everyone involved.
Coach Ferdinandi & Mr. John Mongiello

May Calendar of Events at the Preschool

May 1 - Library Field Trip Mrs. Consiglio's & Ms. Lillis' Class
May 6 - Library Field Trip Mrs. DeAngelis' Class
May 15-Special Person Tea 9:30am, Cafeteria
              In honor of Mother's and Father's day each child
               may invite ONE special person for tea. 
May 25-CLOSEDfor Memorial Day
May 28-Field Day 9:30am, location to be announced

Upcoming events in June

June 2 - FKH Kindergarten Orientation 10-11am
June 3 - VRS Kindergarten Orientation 10-11am
              Parents MUST accompany their child to the 
          Kindergarten Orientation

June 22-Preschool Graduation/End of the Year Celebration
              9:30am in the large gym
June 23-Kindergarten Move-up Day 10:30-11:30am
             Children will be bused to their Kindergarten
         classes with the appropriate staff and return   
         back to the Preschool

June 18-23rd are all early dismissals at 1:00pm.
            Aftercare will take place from 1-6pm for those     
            students signed up for after care. Please pack
            a lunch!

April 29th, 9:45-12noon, cafeteria, UNICO Pizza Day
UNICO , the largest Italian-American service organization in the United States, Clark Chapter, will be visiting the preschool to assist the children in pizza making, followed by pizza snack.

Thursday, April 2nd, the Preschool lights it up in blue in honor of Autism Awareness Day.
Autism Awareness Day aims to increase people's awareness about people,
especially children with autism.  The fourth annual preschool celebration kicked off
with a morning of fun filled activities for the children in the gymnasium organized and lead by
Mary Lillis, the preschool teacher of the year.

Wednesday,  April 1.  The Quiver  Farm chick hatching project was a success at the Preschool.   Ten out of twelve eggs hatched  and six chicks were moved into the brooder box this morning. Farm education that is FUN!  Science, caring, compassion and responsibility...all curled up in one egg.

4pm  there are six  chicks.  In  the morning they will be moved to the brooder box.

1:30pm there are five chicks and they are beginning to dry.

10:45am the fourth chick just hatched!

10:10am Tuesday, 10:10am the first chick hatched!

Tuesday, March 31, 8:45am - The chicks are starting to hatch at the Preschool.

On March24 - To celebrate Spring, Clark Preschool welcomed Farmer Chris from Quiver Farm, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania with his chick hatching project.  Farmer Chris arrived with a live rooster, Jack, a hen, Jill and all the necessary equipment to take care of the eggs and chicks once they have hatched. 
The Farmer set up an incubator and presented a short presentation to the children and Mrs. DeAngelis, “The Chief Egg Tender.”   The children learned how to care for the eggs for the rest of the week by checking the temperature, turning the eggs, and keeping the water trough full.  All the children were given the opportunity to pet the chickens. 

On Friday, the eggs will be turned for the last time, extra water will be added to the trough and left untouched for the weekend.  Sometime on Monday the chicks will start to hatch.  No chicks hatched today...will check Tuesday!
As they dry off the children will put the baby chicks in the brooder box as shown in the presentation.  On Thursday the chicks will be picked up and taken back to the farm.  Incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a hands-on learning experience.  We are all excited for the Quiver Farm project.  Farm education is FUN!  Science, caring, compassion and responsibility….all curled up in one egg!      

March 13. Mrs. LaManna's class welcomed Mrs. Raguseo as today's guest reader.  Mrs. Raguseo read the book titled, Pigeon Poop by Elizabeth Bagley and Mark Chambers,  followed by a simulated hands on activity for the children.

March 12.   With Saint Patrick's Day approaching....Mrs. Consiglio's class welcomed a special reader, Mr. Peterson who introduced the children to the Irish culture and traditions.

On Friday, February 27, Gus Kalikas, Athletic Director and the members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council visited the Preschool to read Dr. Seuss books for the 18th Annual Read Across America Day.  It was fun watching the High School Student Athletes as they interacted with the children.  The Seussical celebration will kick off the week of reading across the nation to aide in the improvement of literacy skills.   In the early grades when reading is an important focus, students show are absent miss critical instruction time.  Research shows that early literacy plays a key role in g the enabling of learning experiences that are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention higher, graduation rates and enhances productivity in adult life.   Both groups not only enjoyed the experience, but learned a lot while doing it!

Today, February 26, Anitra, Dental Hygienist from the Westfield Pediatric Dental Group visited Clark Preschool for Dental Awareness Month.  Anitra demonstrated proper teeth brushing with Franasaurus the stuffed dinosaur, and followed up with a short video.  She taught the children about the importance of flossing teeth daily and visiting the dentist regularly.  She also talked about proper nutrition, nutrition labeling on foods, and better snack choices according to their sugar content.  Tooth decay is a problem for children, but it can be prevented.   Westfield Pediatric Dental office specializes in preventive dental care for children and young adults; teaching your children lifelong healthy, dental habits.  Visit them online @ www.kidsandsmiles.com. Look for the dental goodie bags in their back packs and ask your child about the dental visit. 
Lori Kowalski, RN
Preschool Academic Coordinator

Thursday, February 12.

The celebration of Valentine's Day and hearts is something everyone should look forward to. The Clark Preschool Children celebrated Valentine's Day uniquely this year.  They designed Valentine cards and delivered them to the Clark seniors during their monthly meeting.  The greetings were sealed with well wishes and presented with a smile.  It was a memorable moment for both the seniors and the children

On February 3rd, NJEA's Cat in the Hat

visited the Clark Preschool for the 18th Annual Read Across America
The Seussical celebration kicks off read across the nation which aides in the improvement of literacy skills.  

Reading is an important focus in the early grades and students who are absent miss critical instruction time. Research shows that early literacy plays a key role in enabling learning experiences that are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention and higher graduation. Our guest reader, Jill Curran, the BOE Vice President, read The Cat in the Hat.  The Cat portrayed the character by miming the narration “kicking off” the March literacy celebration to build a nation of readers.

January 21 - Librarian Visit - Mrs. Eileen Smith, the Clark Public Library Children's Librarian visited the Preschool classrooms for storytime and a brief talk about the Library.  A field trip to the Library is planned for the Spring.

Sending wishes of love and joy for a wonderful Holiday Season. School reopens on January 5th....see you in 2015!
The Preschool Staff

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 4
Early Dismissal for Students and Staff
Monday, September 7
Schools Closed
Memorial Day
Tuesday, September 8
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