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Dates to Remember in November

November 25 - Early Dismissal 9-1 p.m. Aftercare students
pack a lunch! 

November 26 & 27 - Thanksgiving - School Closed
Best Thanksgiving wishes from the Preschool Staff

to Clark Preschool

The NJ State Recommended Creative Curriculum is used as the foundation for the Clark Preschool program. It stresses:
1)  Social/emotional development in areas of sense of self responsibility of self and others, and pro-social behavior,
2) Physical development of gross and fine motor,
3) Cognitive development of learning and problem solving, logical thinking and representation and symbolic thinking, and lastly,
4) Language development including listening and speaking, reading and writing.
A nutrition and hygiene/hand washing curriculum has been introduced into the daily activities by the Nurse and our 4 year old students are supplemented with more focused paper/pencil activities to ready them for Kindergarten. Not only does the teaching staff focus on seasonal units and holidays but also on fire prevention, 
nocturnal animals, sharing and giving, friendship/MLK, dental health, arctic animals, five senses, Read Across America, Spring awakening with lifecycle insects, community helpers, baby animals, and eco studies/pond/ocean life.  

The Clark Preschool consists of four classes of 3-5 year olds.  The Multiply Disabled services students with disabilities such as autism where an Applied Behavior Analysis program is utilized.  The Preschool Disabled class services students identified with language, developmental, and behavioral delays.  Our two regular education classes also function as inclusion opportunities when evaluative staff deem the students ready to participate.   The children may begin with only 10 minutes a day and work towards full inclusion with the necessary supports.  A school-wide behavior program has been put in place and positive behaviors have  been increased.  All the classes run on a 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. full day schedule with a 30 minute student lunch provided.  The MD class dismisses at 12 noon on Friday for training purposes.  Some students attend for the A.M. session only, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon by parental choice.  Before and aftercare is available.

Therapies include Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy.  A School Social Worker manages the Special Education component of the program and a Behaviorist offers training on Friday afternoons to the staff of the MD class and support to the other teaching staff.  A Preschool Intervention Referral Team (PIRT) meets on any student whose needs appear not to be met by regular education programming. Two teacher assistants support each regular education preschool class and Physical Education is offered daily for every student.  Paraprofessionals are assigned via particular student needs identified in the IEP in both Special Education classes and a classroom paraprofessional assists in the PSD class.  A secretary, half-day Physical Education teacher and full time School Nurse round out the program staff.  This amount of staff has effectively created an extremely manageable student/adult ratio. 

The Preschoolers attend field trips; to the musical,  the Rainbow Fish,  and the Public Library.  Arthur L. Johnson high school students from the Key Club and Crusader Athletic Leadership Council bring activities to the preschool such as puppet shows,  assisting with Halloween Pararde, field day, Read Across America and celebrating Autism Awareness Day.  UNICO also visits for Pizza making day and Valentine's Day is celebrated with the seniors.  Work study students in Education are also placed at the Preschool Program. Integrating the Preschool with the community is our goal.

The Clark Preschool provides a caring, nurturing learning foundation for our students to gain social, emotional and academic skills to succeed in Kindergarten.

Submitted by
Lori Kowalski
Supervisor of Preschool and School Nurse

 On October 27  The Key Club sponsored by Ellen Zamboni, School Counselor at the Arthur L. Johnson High School presented to the children of Clark Preschool a unit on “Manners.”  The Key Club sponsored by Kiwanis International has a main objective to assist in carrying out their mission to serve the children of the world.  The high school students provided hands-on-service to teach and reinforce manners an important part of social skills at the preschool level.  The high school performed skits requiring feedback from the children demonstrating key manners and being a good friend.  They ended their presentation by visiting the individual classrooms, singing a song about manners to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and distributed a healthy treat.   The students kept the children riveted on key messages and the activities provided multiple ways to absorb the concepts providing maximum impact.  

At the preschool level, manners are an important part of social skills.  Children who develop manners at a young age will carry them without thought into adulthood.


October 5:  
The Clark Fire Department will visit the Preschool with their equipment, Sparky the fire dog, video presentation and hands on experience with the fire hoses.   October 5-11 is fire prevention week and was established to commemorate the 1871 Great Chicago Fire.
The 2015 fire prevention theme is:  "Here the Beep Where You Sleep:  Every Bedroom needs a Working Smoke Alarm."


October 30 - The Minions welcomed the paraders to the sixth annual Preschool Halloween Parade began.  The children and staff were decked out in some of the most creative, most innovative and hilarious costumes!  Family and friends watched the lavish spectacle in the Brewer gymnasium.

More photos to follow.....Enjoy Trick or Treating!

September 24 & 25 
The preschoolers are learning that "Germs Are Not For Sharing."  
The most important means of prevention of illness is thoroughly washing hands.  Colds, gastroenteritis, otitis media, conjunctivitis, and sore throat are the most common childhood illnesses. Your child's immunity builds over time. 

The unit began with the children viewing the video "Germ Stoppers."

"Germy Wormy,"  a puppet visited the classroom for storytelling by reading the book, "A Germs Are Not For Sharing."

 An experiment, "Germ Glitter, "  was utilized as a simulation.  The glitter resembled germs in real life.

The unit concluded with the preschoolers demonstrating hand washing.

 Bye-Bye germs...we sent the germs down the drain!

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Wednesday, November 25
Early Dismissal for Students and Staff
Thursday, November 26
Schools Closed
Thanksgiving Recess
Friday, November 27
Schools Closed
Thanksgiving Recess
Tuesday, December 8
ALJ English Department Meeting
2:30pm in Rm 209
ALJ Media Center
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